Survive the post apocalyptic world

PostCollapse is a survival simulation game set after the collapse of civilization. Gather items from the ruins, construct tools, grow your own food, go fishing and hunting. It is still in development but already playable.

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PostCollapse is continuously being improved. There is currently a free update available about once a month. You can download and try the game from this website. If you like it, please buy it and help us improving the game.

Lastest News

Now on Steam!

The game is now available on Steam. If you have Steam installed, you can open the game in Steam or if not, open the PostCollapse Steam page in this browser.

Alpha 1.01 available
Adds deers, bears, rabbits, support for hunting, and 2 more tasks.

About the game


In the game, you can:
  • Gather items from the ruins
  • Construct items
  • Hunt animals
  • Go fishing
  • Create a farm and grow your own food
  • Create yourself a headquarter
  • Bug in to survive every winter
The world has a size of about 120 square kilometers (or 75 square miles).

Background and Story

The game is based in the world of the german book 'Die WiederEntdeckung der Erde'. A big resource war has destroyed civilization, and the only people remaining survived for years in their underground bunkers. Now it is time to leave the bunker and try to survive in the outside world. But the environment has changed: There are only a few left overs from civilization, and the war has changed even the climate: There is only summer and winter remaining, and both last only for a few weeks. During summer, you must gather as many resources to bug in and survive winter. Make yourself a head quarter and survive by collecting, hunting, fishing and farming.

System Requirements

System Requirements:
Graphics: DirectX 9 capable video card with 512 MB or more
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (Linux support planned)
RAM: 1 GB or more

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